Setting up custom domain for your event

Note: If you are using the legacy configuration for mapping your custom domain, we encourage you to update your setup using the instructions below for improved security.

Eventzilla makes it simple for event organizers to set up a custom domain for the events. 

To streamline the setup and improve security, we have recently modified some of the steps required to map your own domain to your Eventzilla event page, so please ensure that you follow these instructions carefully,

Step 1: Log on to the domain management console for your domain using the credentials issued to you by your domain registrar/service provider.
Step 2: Within the console, look for your DNS configuration area or similar.
Step 3: Create a new CNAME record to with the following details:
Alias Name Alias Value TTL 300
Note: Please ensure you replace with your own preferred unique Alias name. TTL value can be anything you like, but we recommend a lower value such as 300 or lower.
Step 4: Save your changes and quit your the domain management console. 
Step 5: Now log on to your Eventzilla account, find your event and select the "Use your own domain" from the main navigation on your left 
Step 6: In the space provided, please enter the alias name you provided in your domain's DNS settings. and click on the "Activate my Domain" button. Please note that this value is case-sensitive.

Step 7: Depending on your domain's DNS provider, it might take up to a day for your custom domain settings to become active. Your domain's propagation status will be indicated as per the illustration below.

Note: If your domain's propagation status is stuck in "Pending" for longer than 24 hours, it might indicate a problem with your DNS configuration. If this happens, please review your DNS settings once again or feel free to reach out to us at

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