Importing sessions to your Event

Eventzilla now provides an easy way to create sessions for your Event. It allows you to import up to 50 sessions to your event at the same time by adding information from a CSV file you submit. This is an efficient and most time-saving way to upload a lengthy agenda without adding every session individually.

1. Begin by selecting your event. Move to event set up > Schedule Agenda, Click ‘Import session’ button

2- Please ensure that the names of ticket/registration type in your file match exactly with your event's registration settings. We recommend viewing the sample format sheet upload in this section. Click on 'Download sample CSV' to view it.

2. Once your file is ready, click on the 'Import attendees from a spreadsheet' option, Browse to locate the file on your computer or network. Once you're done click on 'Upload CSV file'

2.2 Moving to Step 2 - Review and confirm, Scroll to view the details and click 'Import sessions'

3. Prepare your data

1. The first row of the sample sheet is the column heading, please do not delete the heading.
2. Only CSV format is supported, please ensure your file is saved and uploaded in csv format
3. If you specify the 'Enrollment' field to Yes then capacity and price are mandatory. For free sessions, you can mention the price to be '0'
4. The maximum character limit for the session description is '100'

Note: Once the sessions are imported you can edit the session details if required by moving to individual sessions in edit more
The upload of sessions will not affect or override the existing sessions.

For any additional questions, send an email to

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