How to invite additional team members to Eventzilla?

As the main user, you are allowed to include additional users to your account. After adding an additional user, you can assign the type of access they can have on the account according to your preference.

Please have a look on the steps below:

Log on to your Eventzilla account > Settings > Multi-user access 

  • Enter the first name, Last name, Email address, and Username
  • Assign the access level - either to all the events hosted through your account or only to specific events
  • Click Save.
  • An activation email will be sent to the user's email id.
  • The user can click the link and enter the password details for the log-in
  • Username should be used to log-in to the account

    Types of Permissions:

    Full Access: This gives the privilege to the user to access all the event details along with the edit and save option.

    Event Viewer only: User can only view the event information and other details, but may not be able to edit any details.

    Check-in only: You are allowing only check-in permission to the user and no other details will be visible in the account.

    On-site sales only
    : This user is allowed to access only the 'Box office module' which is used for onsite registration. No access is given to other pages.

    NOTE: All these permission levels can be set for all events or you may select a particular event.

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