How to export and download the attendees list of my event?

Get list of attendees who have registered or purchased tickets for the event; this report also includes the participants' checked-in status for your records.

In the Attendee report, you can see all of the information that the attendees have entered. 
An attendee report is available in CSV and Excel formats.
The report can be generated in two ways, as illustrated below.
1. Go to Manage registration > Manage registration at the event level. 
Go to Manage registration > Select the tab " View Attendees"  > Export attendee list
You will have two options for downloading the attendee list an excel spreadsheet or a.csv file. 
Select the appropriate option. 
The report will be downloaded in few minutes
You can utilize the attendance report under the custom report area to generate an overall attendee 
report for one or all of your events.
Select Analytics > Custom report from the drop-down menu. 
Select the report type as "Attendee report", you may use the filters to specify the required ticket types, select the date range and required column to be reported on the report
You'll be given two options for downloading the report.
Run report now - Will send the report to the registered email address.
Save and schedule the report - This option enables the report to delivered periodically in the specified frequency of Daily, Weekly or Monthly. You can name the specified report for easy identification. The specified report will be emailed to the registered email address based on the frequency specified.

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