Pay by invoice

Organizers can send an invoice to collect payments from the attendees.

Here is how it works:

1. Enable pay by invoice option on your Event.
This can be done when you click on Event Setup > Payment methods > Pay by invoice >Accept payments offline > Check the option 'Pay by Invoice'

1.1 Update the required details and decide if you want to send automatic payment reminders to the attendees until the payment is received.

2. Now the option to 'Pay by invoice' will display on the event page for the attendee to choose from.

3. Once the attendee registered with this option the order receipt for pending order will be sent with the 'Download Invoice' option.

4. Clicking the 'Download invoice' option will give the open the invoice with all the updated details.

5. On receiving the payment from the attendee, the organizer can confirm the order to Manage registration > View orders page. Once it confirms, the attendee will receive the confirmation email with tickets.

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