How to generate certificates for your event attendees?

Sending certification of participation awards to attendees is one of the best ways to recognize them for their time and effort. With Eventzilla’s automated sending of certificates feature, you can design and email out customized certificates for all your attendees at once.

  • Simple and easy to create. It requires less than 2 minutes to generate a printable certificate using this feature. No coding skills are required.       
  •  You can display your organization name, upload logo, the signature of authority, etc on the certificate
  •  Give your own subject line and content in the emails that you are going to send to your attendees with the certificate attached.
  • You can schedule the emails based on your requirements,

Given here the steps to generate certificates:

Step 1: Open the Events on your dashboard > Advance Settings > Participants certificates

Step 2: In the same page, click the ''Create certificate" button to create a certificate template
Now you are all set to create a certificate for your attendees. To begin with type the title of the certification. Some of the examples include Certification of Completion, Certification of Attendance, etc.

Note: Maximum 60 Characters only allowed 

Then, select the certificate template that best suits your needs. 

Step 4: You can mention your organization nameor add your logo in the next step. And, these two fields are optional.

Step 5: Type the text that you want to display above the name of the awardee in thetext above the name field.

 Add a few more information on the text below awardee name field.

Step 6: If you would want to display the name and signature of a certificate issuer then you can use below-mentioned fields.

Note: You can’t show only the signature. So, if you want to display the signature then it’s mandatory that you show the name.

Step 7: You can also give your own subject line and content in the emails that you are going to send to your attendees with the printable certificate attached.

Choose whether you want to send certificates to all attendees or for a particularticket type. Examples of ticket types include premium, early bird, etc.

You have 3 options when it comes to scheduling the certification emails for attendees. You can choose between sending now, send on completion of post-event survey and send on. Also, there is a preview email option which allows you to do a QC before sending it to the attendees.

Whatever is the information you are providing on the certificate template page; you can view how the certificate looks instantly using the live preview.

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